Magic Draw Plugin for Ocotopus/OCL

This plugin enables you to do the following

Why not use the build-in Magic Draw OCL Editor?

Currently the Magic Draw OCL editor does not support OCL 2.0 (Version 11). The next mayor version of Magic Draw will greatly improve OCL support.

I will prefer to use this plugin even in the future for the following reason: Using OCL2 in a real world project results in a large amount of constraints. Editing, organising and refactoring all these constrains in a text editor is much easier than doing this directly in the UML model. Displaying OCL constraints in the class diagram just makes sense for PowerPoint™ software architects.

Why not use the Octopus XMI Reader to import the model?

Octopus/OCL does not support the XMI version 2.1 as generated by MagicDraw.

Required software